FAQ – The Duke Community Standard

What is the Duke Community Standard?
The Duke Community Standard was the product of collaboration among students, faculty, and administrators to create a more robust honor system and better establish a community that embodies honesty, trust worthiness, fairness, and respect for others in all aspects of Duke life.

When did the Community Standard go into effect?
The Duke Community Standard went into effect for the entire undergraduate community in the fall of 2003.

How is the Community Standard different from the old Honor Code?
The Community Standard highlights values that inform our notion of community; shifts responsibility for maintaining a climate of academic integrity toward more equal sharing between faculty and students; and articulates a standard for behavior of a student's life at Duke, both inside and outside the classroom.

Is the Community Standard a university policy?
No, it is a set of principles and expectations from which university policies are derived. Duke university policies are listed in the Bulletin of Information and Regulations.

What should I do if I witness a violation of academic integrity policy?
Under the Duke Community Standard, you are obligated to act when you witness such a violation. For information on how to fulfill your obligation to act, visit this page from the Office of Judicial Affairs

Am I as a student required to report all violations of the Community Standard?
No. According to the Obligation to Act, reporting a violation is only one of several appropriate courses of action.

Does the Duke Community Standard apply to me even when I'm off-campus?
Yes. As long as you are a student of Duke University, the Community Standard applies to you.

Does the Community Standard apply to undergraduate as well as graduate and professional students?
The Duke Community Standard was originally developed for undergraduates. The graduate and professional schools have since incorporated the Community Standard into their own honor codes. The principles and values articulated in the Community Standard are university-wide and unite us in a community of honor.

Can I refuse to sign the Duke Community Standard?
No. Upon matriculation to the university, all students are required to sign the Community Standard.

Where should I go for more information on how to uphold the Duke Community Standard?
The Duke University Honor Council website has links to resources that can help clarify questions about how to avoid academic integrity infractions. For more information on specific judicial policy, visit the Office of Judicial Affairs website.

If I have further questions or comments about the meaning and application of the Community Standard, whom should I contact?
If you would like to speak to a student representative, feel free to contact any member of the Honor Council. The current chair of the Honor Council is Jonathan Schatz. Other resources available to you are the Dean of Students Office, the Academic Integrity Council, and the Undergraduate Judicial Board.